What makes you happy?

What makes you happy or brings you peace of mind?

This is where I normally get the deer in headlight’s look or the huh expression.

Your response to the above question should be automatic, not your life, every single day.

When you're asked what makes you happy, be ready with an honest answer. There is no right answer because it depends upon the individual. However, your happiness shouldn't revolve around other actualities, such as your significant other, children, pets and achievements.

I know some of you are thinking my children and spouse make me happy. And that’s a great feeling but it can’t be your only source for happiness. Your happiness is then contingent upon someone else. It should come from within you, then nobody can prevent or damper your joy.

What makes me happy? The feeling of accomplishment I get when I walk or exercise. Followed by an unexplainable peace. I find a similar peace when I listen to music or witness one of nature’s moments. Such as flowers blooming in the spring, the change of colors in the fall, a sunset, an eclipse, or any awe-inspiring mother nature wonder. If I am overcome with the urge to pull out my phone and capture the moment in a photo, then yes, I'm inspired. I also find joy and fulfillment when I read books, learn something fascinating and create thoughtful gifts for someone, for no occasion.

Start small, with the simple things. Whatever sparks something within you. When you discover your happiness or feelings of peace store it in your long-term memory for retrieval later.

We all could use more reasons throughout our days and life to smile and have inner peace. Once you can conjure the spark which ignites your happiness with a single thought, you have the power to change your day. Habitual positive daily changes, in turn, lead to positive lifestyle changes.

One memory can be the source for a positive day. Every time something threatens to ruin your day, retrieve your happy memory or memories. Who says you can only have one? The happier the memories you have in storage the more positive energy you have on standby.

Build your reserve for happiness, today. Write two or three happy provoking things fitting the criteria I stated in the above post. Afterward, remember them; even if you must write them on a post-it note, store them on your phone, or get them printed on a t-shirt. Do whatever is necessary to embed them into your long-term memories.

You and I are going on an adventure which will transform you from the “go with the flow” type to a fulfilled, trailblazer making their own path. During your transformation you will require happiness and inner peace, both are mandatory for your success.
You can do this. I know you can. I believe in you. Now believe in yourself and go find your happiness.

~Til Next Time!

Payton Freeman

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Payton Freeman

Publishing her first book about the challenges she and her family endured while caring for her mother. The book outlines healthy habits anyone can incorporate into his or her life. Follow her on Twitter to learn about up-and-coming projects and books.

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