Are you at risk of developing dementia?

Did you know dementia damages the cerebrum years before someone's diagnosed?

So, wouldn’t it make sense to prepare now and not after the cognitive decline?

When a tornado or hurricane is headed to your home, you don't wait until the disaster is on your doorstep before getting to safety. You take preventive measures before it's too late.

This same logic should apply to your brain and overall health. By the time we reach our fifties or sixties, our health is declining, and we most likely live with ailments and diseases which contribute to our declining health and fuel this deadly disease.

By now you're wondering, who is at risk for developing dementia?

Any person carrying the gene responsible for creating the protein called apolipoprotein E (ApoE) which can increase a person's risk of getting Alzheimer Disease.
Anyone living with diabetes because research has shown insulin deprivation may cause dementia.
Anyone not achieving 7-8 hours of sleep.
Anyone suffering from a head or brain injury, caused by a car accident or sports-related injury.
Anyone suffering from Chronic Inflammation.
Anyone suffering from Chronic Stress.
Anyone suffering from depression and anxiety.
Anyone who has a heart condition or heart disease.
Anyone who has suffered a stroke which interrupts blood flow to the brain.
Anyone who is an alcoholic or suffering from alcohol dependency. Also binge drinkers.
Anyone who is physically, mentally and socially inactive.
Anyone who smokes.

Now I have your attention, do you see the theme for who's at risk for developing dementia? Anyone.

Doctors and researchers have identified several causes and people living with diabetes, binge drinkers, smokers who deny their brains much needed blood and oxygen, people making unhealthy food choices and consistently eating processed fast food or at risk for developing dementia.

We can't exclude regular drug users. Yes, this includes drugs prescribed by the doctor, over the counter (OTC) or ONLY taking for recreational use. The things I have mentioned are linked to dementia and people making poor lifestyle choices are the most at risk.

Don’t just take my word for it, do your own research. I am not writing this, so you believe everything I say. I want you to experience doubt because doubt is good. Doubt convinces you to find out the truth and conduct your own research. Don't trust one source, research several credible sources.

Remember, the human brain is priceless and worth saving.

Payton Freeman

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Payton Freeman

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