6 Risk Associated with Dementia

This is a continuation from the previous weeks post.

As you may recall, I am not a medical professional. We are social media friends and I am sharing a post on ways to decrease your chances of developing dementia.

1.) Eat Healthier Foods

Drop processed foods from the menu. Eat foods which help build a stronger healthier cerebrum. Foods containing antioxidants and help with inflammation like leafy vegetables. Doctors and scientist believe certain foods cause our brains to shrink and boost our risk of dementia.

Start your day with a nutritional breakfast and not one consumed with sugar. Stop setting yourself up for afternoon failure by choosing unhealthy choices. Also, limit salt and sodium intake which increase your risk for other long-term concerns besides dementia such as heart disease or stroke.

2.) Manage Blood Sugar & Health

You can lower your risk of getting diabetes by eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. Eat fewer foods filled with empty calories (sugar) and exercise daily.

I have heard people state we as humans need sugar to live. WRONG. The human body needs glucose and insulin to live and a healthy human body can produce both. Glucose is our main source of energy and its carried through our bloodstream. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas which allows glucose to move from our blood stream into cells, muscles and fats. Our livers produce the correct amount of glucose and releases it as needed for us to function and maintain our blood sugar levels. When we eat and ingest more than the required daily dose, our bodies stop producing. Trying to limit how much is in our body.

3.) Avoid Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is a defense mechanism our body activates when bacteria is inside the body, an infection or anything causing the body harm. If the inflammation defense system is disabled, damaged cells and tissue cannot heal from infections or wounds. When the body forgets to deactivate the defense system, and it's stuck in active mode all the time, it becomes an issue. It becomes chronic inflammation and will last for years if untreated.

What happens if the defense system stays active? Depending on the area affected chronic inflammation can become very painful, cause swelling and immobility. Doctors believe chronic inflammation can cause rheumatoid arthritis, certain variations of cancer, and damage brain cells by interrupting the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain.

4.) Eliminate Chronic Stress

There are two types of stress, acute and chronic. From my understanding, acute stress is normal. You drop your new phone and crack the screen, or you oversleep and late for work which makes your blood start pumping. You are feeling the pressure. The pressure you are feeling means your stress hormones are working. How you respond to any situation determines if your acute stress transforms into chronic stress.

If your stress level never decreases and stays activated on the time, then your stress hormones will never deactivate. Your acute stress becomes chronic stress. This means your stress hormones are getting overworked. Eventually you’ll develop an anxiety disorder, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease. All linked to dementia.

5.) Eliminate Depression & Anxiety

We hear those words often, but what is depression? For the few I spoke with, depression is an illness which fills them with feelings of melancholy so strong they can't move forward. Nor be bothered with their children, spouse or anyone. Solitude is their preference, so they can sleep and continue their depression. Let their thoughts of sadness, failure, worthlessness and death torture them right out of their minds.... because that's what's happening.

According to a psychologist, depression is more than overwhelming sadness. It's a sickness which causes the millions of people living with the disorder excessive suffering. Feelings must be present daily for a few weeks before it's considered depression. In our crazy society, a few weeks can have a year worth of drama. Two weeks filled with problem after problem can become fatal to a person living with depression or even anxiety. How about when we notice the behavior after a few days we get involved?

Don't let family members, friends, neighbors or coworkers suffer. Get them help or put them in contact with someone who can assist them. Check on them frequently. Depression is a serious issue and people are suffering unnecessarily.

6.) Stop Smoking

Smoking is addictive and the sooner you start the more damage you cause. When a person smokes their defense system (inflammation) tries to protect tissue in the lungs. If the defense system doesn't turn off, then the smoker risk severe damage to their lungs. Smoking is linked to heart disease. As we are learning, anything that interferes with our breathing or forces the heart into overdrive mode increases someone's chances of dementia.

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