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Boy 10, Kills Himself

Today something saddened me to the point of tears when I realized a boy, very similar to my son killed himself after being bullied for months, maybe years. The boy was harassed, choked, beat and belittled by racial slurs. His mother was in constant contact with the school. Month’s prior, she reached out to the media to get the word out and request action from the school and involve the police. It was NOT enough. Seven killed himself on January 19, 2019.

I felt his mother’s grief as if it were my own, not because we both have 10-year-old sons, not because they share the same complexion, hair and eye color. But because I too live in Louisville, my son attends Kerrick Elementary school and bullied for several years. This tragedy could have been my own.

My son knows how to defend himself. He takes martial arts and is very skilled but he lacks the conviction to hurt another person. Does that make him weak? Of course not. That shows me he is stronger than I could ever be. He would rather suffer then to cause another being pain and suffering.

My son is a true hero and so is Seven Bridges who sacrificed his own life because he refused to cause someone else suffering. We should all take the time to learn from our children who believe in spreading more love than pain and hate.
Children and teenagers around the world, from various ethnic backgrounds, are bullied for numerous reasons. If we can not pave the way and learn to get along, how can we teach our children? Forcing our children to carry the burdens from our ignorance. They are paying the price with their sanity and lives.

As parents we must force schools to have effective policies in place for bullying. Gone are the day’s we ignore the pleas of students and parents voicing legitimate incidents. These are the day’s we demand action and change. It’s time we force schools to listen. Time we tell them we will not sacrifice any more of our children for this cause.

When a parent places a child in an unsafe situation or unsafe environment, the State removes the child from the parent. They do not return the child until the parents proves to the State, they can provide a safe environment. School’s do not provide safe environments for our children, yet law requires us to send our children to school. If not, we're prosecuted by the State. As a parent, I feel the school system should suffer a similar fate for failing to keep our children safe. State schools should provide more options for free online courses where children can learn in the safety of their home. Especially when children fear for their safety and have a history of being bullied. This would limit senseless tragedies like this one and save our beautiful children, such as Seven Bridges.

Please join me in supporting the family of Seven Bridges by helping them to receive justice for this horrific tragedy.