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I Believe in Santa Claus

December 17, 2018

Do you believe?

If you're a parent with children under the age of twelve, you defend the existence of Santa Claus because other kids and adults have lost their Christmas spirit and want to make the rest of us miserable nonbelievers. Not this year. I have a fix for that, but first... Do you believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas? 

I know people feel we’re creating false hope and unrealistic idea’s within our children by allowing them to believe since the magic fades away as they age or many unfortunate children are disappointed on Christmas morning for one reason or another, but I disagree.

The magic of Santa isn't about receiving gifts. It’s more than spoiled or ungrateful children contacting Santa asking for more things they don't need. If that’s what Santa represents to you, then you’re sadly mistaken. No wonder you’re a nonbeliever. Santa represents kindness, charity, joy, dedication and love. 

Take away the magical elves, the flying reindeer, and even the North Pole. Let’s pretend Santa is an elderly woman, who adores children but never had some of her own. This woman starts a tradition in her neighborhood where she buys gifts for those children and delivers them personally on Christmas day. Each year the tradition grows. Soon local churches and charities get involved and before you know it, the woman’s traditions grow to touch thousands of people over the years. No longer restricted to her small neighborhood. Now she provides gifts and maybe food for all the children in her town.
Let’s take our pretend story even further because a story like this would get plenty of media coverage and social media exposure if the right person posted it. Before you know it our small town, elderly, good Samaritan has gone viral. Her one small act of kindness started with a dozen children and grew to touch hundreds, then thousands and before long it’s a world wide phenomenon. Tada. Real life Santa Claus.

When you remove all the things from Santa which are unbelievable, you have a man who works all year round giving gifts to strangers and expects nothing in return. Random strangers do random acts of kindness all the time. Christmas is notorious for bringing out these fanatics who just want to see someone’s face light up and their eyes twinkle because something thought impossible happened to them. When you’re a child full of wonder and hope, then just maybe you will continue to believe in the impossible on the road to adulthood. Allowing you to accomplish amazing things. No matter the struggle involved. This is what Santa represents. A man bringing happiness to children to teach them to believe in the impossible because life can be harsh and cold. We could all use a little magic to help warm our spirits when cold nights find us.

If you’re still a nonbeliever than I ask you, no challenge you; I’ll go a step further and triple dog dare you to play Santa. I mean perform a random act of kindness for someone less fortunate than yourself. No strings attached or ulterior motive behind the good deed. A simple sandwich lunch for a homeless person, donate your family’s old coats (gently used, not missing buttons and zippers) or donate your time to a local shelter or church, whatever the situation calls for. If you’re open, the act will find you.

People in your neighborhood, your city and around the world are hungry and without adequate shelter. Each situation is different and misfortune develops for various reasons. Your neighbor, a family member, a coworker or your best friend can live in an undesirable situation and ashamed or afraid to ask for help. Charities and churches are available to help people and you can too by stepping into Santa's shoes.

If you’re still a non believer after playing Santa, at least you tried, right? Did you give it an honest shot by opening your mind and heart? Got out there and talked to people? Ask what they wanted out of life? Listened to their concerns and problems without judgment? Set your beliefs to the side?

Not all of us have the makings to become Santa but we can at least strive for it and just maybe, pass along some magic.